Meet Commundo

-We Always deliver customized and connect your wishes to the local needs -We know all the projects themselves and visit them regularly; So we know what we are talking -We work with fixedcontacts; our information is up to date and you have a local contact -We work from an idealistic goal; our costs are low and we enjoy working -We only work with local foundations that do not depend on volunteers; we are practical and realistic, and you make a contribution that matters -We exist thisĀ  year 12 years; we have a lot of experience and know what we are talking about our clients have all ages and come from the Netherlands and Belgium


Read our latestĀ  newsletter from April to May 2014.“Put together with a group of young people and elephants Thailand jungle. Go on group tour with a yoga teacher and get in touch with the mystical Guatemala. Learn Spanish and volunteer work Latin America. Read more about the experiences of the group to Romania. Inspired, please attend our information-morning on June 21! “

Summer Activities in Burkina Faso

2014, the community center in Burkina Faso opens after 1.5 years of building its NEW LIBRARY.
We are looking for enthusiastic volunteers FROM JULY 1, have a minimum of three weeks and want to come along to help with the OPENING activities. Alone or with a friend / girlfriend?
It’s about helping move, organizing a party and animation. And you do that, of course, along with a group of young people who meet regularly at the community center

Volunteering well organized!

Would you at least two weeks or even do much more volunteer abroad? If you prefer not to a group on stage? Are you flexible on dates and do you have it well organized your volunteer work? Then Commundo ‘volunteer is really something for you! Find your project through the country buttons or via the search engine. Below is an overview of the various projects in different countries. We will be happy with you an appointment to explore the possibilities and you advise.